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Ippei-chan Yomise no Yakisoba

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Ippei-chan Yomise no Yakisoba finally got renewed after 5 years! Now in deep, delicious mustard mayo (mayokoku) flavor!

●Ingredients: Fried noodles (flour, vegetable oil and fat, salt, sauce, sugar), sauce (sauce, mustard mayonnaise, sugar, flavor oil, salt, vegetable oil, hydrolyzed protein, processed protein product, flavored seasoning, pork extract, Spices, Brewing vinegar), toppings (cabbage, mayonnaise-like sauce flakes, Spices, sea lettuce, Sauce flakes) / Caramel pigment, Seasoning (amino acids etc.), Calcium carbonate, kansui, Acidulant, Spice extract, Emulsifier, flavor, Thickener (modified starch, polysaccharide thickener), modified starch, antioxidant (vitamin E), carotenoid pigment, magnesium carbonate, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, (including egg, milk components, wheat, shrimp, orange beef, sesame, salmon, mackerel, soy, chicken, pork, apples, gelatin)
●Nutrition Information (1 Serving (135g))
・Energy (kcal): 607
・Proteins (g): 10.1
・Fats (g): 28.3
・Carbohydrates (g): 78
・Sodium (mg): 1850
●7 Main Allergens (Wheat, Buckwheat, Egg, Milk, Peanuts, Crab): Wheat, Egg, Milk, Shrimp
●Contents: 135g
●Country of Origin: Japan
・Be careful when carrying it as the product may be hot after pouring hot water.
・Do not microwave. There is a risk of causing a fire, smoke, sparks or boiling over the product.
・Consume as soon as possible after opening.
●Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
●Shelf Life (Depending on Production): 180 Days

Item No. D00006151

JAN: 4902881048651

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