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LCS-521/ BABY IN CAR/ Chopper/ One Piece Sticker

JP¥ 600 (US$ 5.52)

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Highly popular One Piece sticker for your car!

●Contents: 1 unit
●Model Number: LCS-521
●Ingredients: Vinyl
●Size: H152mm x W105mm
●Weight (of the product itself) [g]: 10
●Country of origin: Japan
●Manufacturer: General Sticker Inc.
●Handling Precautions:
・Remove dirt, humidity and oils from the surface before placing it.
・Placing the sticker repeateadly in different places will lower its adhesiveness.
・Depending on the surface where the sticker was placed, wallpapers and/or painting may be damaged when the sticker is peeled off.
・The sticker may change colors when placed for long periods of time.

Item No. D00006068

JAN: 4589771443934