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Quickle Wiper Handy

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Instant 360° dust catcher! The long fibers of the bristle are asymmetrical so it maxes out its absorption power allowing it to entrap all dust particles even in smaller gaps. These will catch everything and won't let it go! It is also very flexible and can move in every angle. You can reach tall and low places and enjoy an easier cleaning.

●Content: 1 unit
●Ingredients: Polypropylene
●Size: 246mm x 56mm x 92mm
●Weight [g]: 69
●Country of Origin: China
●Manufacturer: KAO
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not use appliance for other than intended use.
・Wipe gently.
・Do not rinse the handy sheet.
・Do not use wet.
・Do not use on rough or slivery surfaces.
・The fibers may come off.
・Do not use to wipe cars.
・The wiped debris may scratch the surface of the car.
・Wipe high temperature bodies such as lightbulbs after turning them off and making sure they are cold enough to touch.
・Electronic devices such as televisions tend to be harder to wipe due to static electricity. Make sure to turn them off before wiping.
・Do not lean the wiper with the tip pointing downwards. It may change the shape of it.

Item No. D00005861

JAN: 4901301324238

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