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Metabarrier PremiumS 120 Tablets (15 Days)

JP¥ 2,950 (US$ 26.31)

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For those concerned about fat and sugar, seaweed polyphenols (for fat) and Salacia (for sugar) will support your healthy lifestye. At different timing, two combustion ingredients work for long-lasting burning power.
Please take 8 tablets (2-4 tablets 3 times a day) before meals with water. Adjust the number of tablets taken at one time in accordance with the volume of your meal.

● Contents: 120 tablets
 ● Materials / Ingredients: indigestible dextrin, salacia concentrated extract, red wine polyphenol, seaweed extract, sika extract, chromium containing yeast / crystalline cellulose, green tea extract, calcium carbonate, calcium stearate, fine silicon oxide, brightener, processed enzyme rutin, spice extract
 ● Size: 169 x 91 x 15
 ● Weight (product only) [g]: 28
 ● Produced in: Japan
 ● Manufacturer: FUJIFILM Corporation
 ● Precautions:
・Those with allergies, please confirm the raw material before consuming.
・In rare cases it may not suit your constitution. In that case, please stop using it.
・If you are pregnant or nursing, please refrain from using.
・If you are taking medicine, or undergoing medical treatment, please consult with your doctor.
・Although there are some differences in appearance such as colors and spots depending on the product, there is no problem in quality.
・Please be careful not to hurt your hand on the cap.
・After opening, keep the package tightly sealed and please enjoy as soon as possible.

Item No. D00005759

JAN: 4547410363081

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