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Enzyme x Yeast Diet Value Pack (132 tablets)

JP¥ 2,680 (US$ 23.91)

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Puts your insides in order for clear, healthy beauty.

● Contents: 132 tablets
 ● Materials / Ingredients: plant fermented extract powder (indigestible dextrin, dextrin, brown sugar, sugar beet sugar, malt sugar, wormwood, turmeric, domestic, tomato, apple, banana, yam, soybean, peach, kiwi, etc.), yeast peptide, candle bush powder, yeast containing reduced maltose, fermented sugar cane fiber, cereal fermented extract powder (including wheat), mineral containing yeast (dextrin, manganese yeast, zinc yeast, copper yeast, molybdenum yeast, iodine yeast, selenium yeast, chromium yeast), yeast containing vitamin B1, Vitamin B 2 -containing yeast, vitamin B 6 -containing yeast, vitamin B 12 -containing yeast, niacin-containing yeast, pantothenic acid-containing yeast / crystalline cellulose, zinc gluconate, calcium stearate, fine particulate silicon oxide, copper gluconate, guar gum ● Size: 172 x 95 x 36
 ● Weight (product only) [g]: 71
 ● Produced in: Japan
 ● Manufacturer: Metabolic
 ● Attention:
・After confirming the ingredients, please do not take it if you have any allergies.
・Because some of the raw materials are derived from plants, there are variations in color, smell, taste, but there is no problem with quality.
・Not recommended for those with poor physical condition, those junior high school age or younger, those who are pregnant or nursing. Also, in the rare instance that it does not suit your constitution, please stop using it.
・If you have a disease, are undergoing medical treatment, or prioritize treatment, please consult with a doctor, pharmacist, etc., before consuming.
・After opening, close the opening tightly, store in a cool place, and please enjoy as soon as possible.
・The stomach may become loose depending on the physical condition and the amount to be ingested. In that case, please adjust the doage by decreasing the number of tablets taken at one time.
・A healthy diet requires a nutritionally balanced diet and moderate exercise.

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