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Strawberry Truffle Chocolate Assort 180g

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Enjoy all 3 popular strawberry truffle flavors in 1 bag.

● Ingredients: [Milk chocolate] Sugar (manufactured in Australia), whole milk powder (including milk ingredients), vegetable oils (including soybeans), cacao mass, cocoa butter, dried strawberry / emulsifying agent (derived from soybeans), fragrance, [White chocolate] Sugar (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oils and fats, cocoa butter, whole powdered milk (including milk ingredients), sugar, dried strawberry / emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance, [Matcha chocolate] sugar (domestically produced), cocoa butter, vegetable oil (including soybeans), lactose (including milk ingredients), whole milk powder, dried strawberries, powdered tea, skimmed milk powder / emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance > ● Nutrition Information (per 100g)
・Energy (kcal): [Milk] 586, [White] 610, [Matcha 589
・Protein (g): [Milk] 8.1, [White] 5.1, [Matcha] 5.1
・Fat (g): [Milk] 40.0, [White] 43.9, [Matcha] 39.9
・Carbohydrates (g): [Milk] 48.4, [White] 48.8, [Matcha] 52.0
・Sodium (mg): [Milk] 102, [White] 79, [Matcha] 39
 ● 7 Main Allergens (wheat · buckwheat/soba · egg · milk · peanuts · shrimp · crab): milk
 ● Contents: 180 g ● Country of Origin: Japan
 ● Way to eat: As a snack
 ● Attention:
・This product is manufactured with equipment that also manufactures products with wheat and eggs.
・Matcha may discolor easily, please avoid light.
・Please enjoy soon after opening.
 ● Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Please store in cool, dark place at 28 ℃ or less.
 ● Best by (from manufacturing date): 365 days
 ● Manufacturer: J Farm Co., Ltd.

Item No. D00005700

JAN: 4562200990766

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