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Slowly Made Rich Pumpkin Potage

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It has a deep taste that uses hot pumpkin's original sweet flavor and is finished with rich cream. Condensed chicken bouillon and special cream powder have been added to our original thoroughly simmered meat and vegetables in this luxurious soup can satisfy the adult palate.

● Ingredients: vegetables (pumpkin, potato), sugar, whey powder (dairy products), lactose, vegetable oils, salt, cream, milk protein, milpore, dextrin, chicken bouillon, yeast extract, chicken extract, vegetable extract (onion, carrots ), Flavor oil, milk etc. as a main ingredient, seasoning onion powder, sugar (pumpkin, glucose, sugar, parsley, vegetable oil), thickener (processed starch), seasoning (amino acid etc), antioxidant Agents (Vitamin E, Vitamin C), (Including wheat, soybean as part of raw materials)
 ● Nutritional Information [per serving (19.7 g)]
・Energy (kcal): 81
・Protein (g): 1
・Fat (g): 1.7
・Carbohydrates (g): 16
・Sodium (mg): 347
 ● 7 Main Allergens (wheat · buckwheat/soba · egg · milk · peanuts · shrimp · crab): wheat, milk
 ● Contents: 59.1 g ● Country of Origin: Japan
 ● Note: After opening the pouch, please enjoy as soon as possible.
● Storage: Store at room temperature and avoid high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight.
 ● Best by (from manufacturing date): 1 year

Item No. D00005689

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