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Slowly Made French Chicken Cream

JP¥ 248 (CN¥ 15.24)

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It is a rich and deep chicken cream potage with a blend of fragrant mirepoix and rich chicken taste like the chicken cream eaten in France. Elegantly finished with the scent of herbs. We used proprietary chicken bouillon and finish it with a special cream powder for a little luxurious flavor that can satisfy adults.

● Ingredients: lactose, creaming powder, vegetable oil, potato, milpore powder, cream, chicken bouillon, salt, seasoning chicken powder, milk protein, onion powder, sugar, powder edible fats and oils, yeast extract, spice, milk etc Soda (dried seasoning chicken, parsley) / thickener (processed starch), seasoning (amino acid etc.), leavening agent, antioxidant (vitamin E), (some wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, Including chicken)
 ● Nutritional Information (per serving (19.2 g))
・Energy (kcal): 93
・Protein (g): 2.1
・Fat (g): 4.3
・Carbohydrates (g): 11.3
・Sodium (mg): 1.3
 ● 7 Main Allergens (wheat · buckwheat/soba · egg · milk · peanuts · shrimp · crab): wheat, milk
 ● Contents: 58.8g ● Country of Origin: Japan
 ● Attention:
・This product is manufactured in Japan.
・After opening the pouch, please enjoy as soon as possible.
・Brown objects are derived from chickens, so quality is not a problem.
・Chicken meat is not from France.
 ● Storage: Store at room temperature and avoid high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight.
 ● Best by (from manufacturing date): 1 year

Item No. D00005688

JAN: 4589850820557

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