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Nitto Tea Ginger & Yuzu

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Highly fragrant ginger powder with a whole yuzu citrus fruit that has been powdered, finished with a refreshing sweetness. The sharp bite of ginger and smooth yuzu fragrance come together in harmony for a delicious beverage that you can enjoy year-round.

● Ingredients: sugar (manufactured in Japan), powder ginger, dextrin, powdered yuzu, [additives] acidulant, fragrance, vitamin C, sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), thickening agent (guar gum)
 ● Nutritional Information [per 1 stick (10 g)]
・Energy (kcal): 40
・Protein (g): 0
・Fat (g): 0
・Carbohydrates (g): 9.9
・Sodium (g): 0.0003
 ● 7 Main Allergens (wheat · buckwheat/soba · egg · milk · peanuts · shrimp · crab): no
 ● Contents: 100g
 ● Country of Origin: Japan
 ● If you enjoy:
 ● Attention:
・Please be careful when handling hot water.
・After opening the individual package, please enjoy it as soon as possible.
・Brown grains in the product float and precipitate, but powder quality is not a problem as it is powdered ginger / powder yuzu. Please ingest while stirring well.
 ● Storage: Store away from direct sunlight and heat and humidity
 ● Best by (from manufacturing date): 18 months

Item No. D00005677

JAN: 4902831507474