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MegRhythm Steam Hot Moisturizing Mask, Lavender Mint Fragrance, Regular Size [3]

JP¥ 498 (US$ 4.55)

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For when colds, coughs and dryness are a concern.
Warm steam for your throat and nose. The warm steam sheet is integrated into the mask. Slowly moisturizes from inside the mask. Recommended for when you sleep, a time dryness tends to occur.
With a pleasant temperature of approx. 40°C. A comfortable bath-like temperature is maintained for around 15 minutes.
With a slight lavender mint aroma that is pleasant before bedtime.

●Contents: 3
●Ingredients/Materials: [Main Item] polypropylene, [Ear Loop Portion] polypropylene, [Heating Element] contains iron powder
●Item Size: 20 x 14.5 x 3
●Weight (item only) [G]: 69
●Made in Japan
●Manufacturer Name: Kao
●Handling Precautions:
・When used by young children, those with disabilities or those with dementia, those around them should take proper care.
●Usage Precautions:
・Should you feel too hot, or should you experience some sort of abnormality such as pain or discomfort, immediately discontinue use.
・Should you observe a rash or eczema on your skin, or should you continue to have an abnormality such as redness or itchiness, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
・Should the mask smell make you feel bad or make breathing difficult, discontinue use.
・Do not press down on to nose and mouth from above mask.
・Cannot be used in places where toxic particles, gas etc. occur.
・Do not use near fire.
・Do not use a damaged mask.
・For hygiene purposes, do not reuse an already used mask.
・Do not heat in a microwave.
・When warming your skin, it may become temporarily red or you may feel itchy.

Item No. D00005502

JAN: 4901301355768

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