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Vegetable/Fruit Washer from the Sea, 90g, Set Of 3

JP¥ 2,000 (US$ 18.40)

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This removes harmful substances such as pesticide residue and wax, and keeps vegetables fresh longer than usual.

●Contents: 90g x 3
●Ingredients/Materials: scallop shell
●Size: 11.5 x 6.5 x 23
●Weight (item only)[G]: 380
●Made in Japan
●Manufacturer Name: Japan Kampo Institute
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not use for any purpose other than its intended one.
・This item is a food additive but not a food.
・Those with allergies/those in hospital: Consult with a doctor or pharmacist before use.
・Due to this item's characteristics, it loses its effects when exposed to air. Be sure to store in a sealed state, away from high temperatures and humidity.
・Store out of reach of children.
・Should this product adhere to mucous membranes such as the eyes and throat, wash well with plenty of water. Should you experience any abnormalities, consult a doctor immediately.
・Those with dry skin or sensitive skin should wear clothes when cleaning at a high concentration.
・Powder left undissolved by water may remain on tableware as a white substance. Rinse with water well before using.
・Rinsing with water in order to improve the shelf life should be done just before eating.
・The liquid created by dissolving this in water can be used repeatedly. However, its effects lessen over time, so you as soon as possible.
・Do not leave liquid created by dissolving this item in water in a container for a long time. Also, wash well after use.
・Not able to sterilize all kinds of bacteria.
・When washing, do not so together chlorine-based mold disinfectants/bleaches that state "danger, do not mix" on them.
・Due to characteristics of the item, it may generate heat in a small amount of water but will not ignite.

Item No. D00005397

JAN: 2400030462652

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