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Pigeon Pacifier, Minnie, 3 Months & Older, M Size

JP¥ 598 (US$ 5.47)

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This pacifier fits nicely into a baby's mouth and helps them get to sleep. The shape is made so that it fits inside the mouth well and provides easy sucking. In consideration of minimizing its impact of teeth development, this is made of soft silicone rubber. With a protective teat hood which is handy when outside the home.

●Contents: 1
●Ingredients/Materials: silicone rubber, polypropylene
●Size (cm): 8 x 5 x 15cm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 25
●Made in Thailand
●Manufacturer Name: Pigeon
●Handling Precautions:
★Parents: Be sure to read the following.
・Be sure that this is used within your eyesight. Babies can behave unexpectedly.
・If chewed or used for a long time, the teat may become scratched or torn. Each time you use this, be sure to pull the teat and check whether or not that are any abnormalities such as scratches. For safety purposes, promptly replace with a new item should there be any problems.
・Before using for the first time and after regular use, be sure to wash and sterilize.
・Water may accumulate in the teat when washing. This may lead to the growth of mold, so be sure to shake well and drain water from ventilation hole at the base of teat.
・When your baby falls asleep, remove pacifier.

Item No. D00005082

JAN: 4902508133067