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belulu CaviStyle (Pink)

JP¥ 18,330 (CN¥ 1,126.19)

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The cavitation effects of this item's RF heating function & vibration massage put a worrisome body line into slender shape.
Cavitation vibrates 6 million times a second through ultrasonic power, burning/decomposing/dissolving fat through rupturing bubbles generated inside the body created by the impact. Its cellulite function breaks down cellulite with ultra-high-speed vibration, flushing it outside of the body together with lymph fluid. With a red LED light which is effective for aging care. This is a special function that improves discharge of waste matter while providing aging care. With a liquid crystal display for easier viewing!

●Model No.: KRD-1030/PK
●Contents: Main Unit, USB Cable, AC Adaptor, Instruction Manual
●Rated Voltage: 5V/0.5A
●Ingredients/Materials: [Head Material] stainless steel, [Body Portion] ABS resin
●Size (cm): H (Height) 105mm x D (Depth) 90mm x W (Width) 90mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 290
●Made in China
●Manufacturer Name: Beautiful Angel
●Handling Precautions:
・During use, do not look directly into the LED lights or light up your eyes.
・This item is not waterproof. Never use in a place with lots of moisture such as the bathroom.

Item No. D00004708

JAN: 4562398234123

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