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Dokodemo Vape No.1 Mirai Set, Metallic Gray

JP¥ 1,080 (CN¥ 66.35)

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Even outdoors, this displays a 98.5% insect-repelling effect. This is thanks to a newly developed extra-powerful, thin cartridge and Fumakilla's unique super-high-performance fan. An insect repellent you can use outdoors that you wrap around your arm or leg, hang from your waist etc. Lasts 20 days when used 6 hours a day (120 hours).

●Contents: 1 Set
●Ingredients/Materials: metofluthrin
●Size (cm): 214mm x 29mm x 124mm
●Weight (item only) [G]: 59
●Made in Indonesia
●Manufacturer Name: Fumakilla
●Usage Precautions:
・Be sure to adhere to the prescribed usage method.
・During and after use, take care so that the chemical agent is not touched by infants and young children.
●Storage & Handling Precautions:
・Do not store in places with high temperatures or in direct sunlight. Store out of reach of young children.
・When not using the item for a long period of time, remove chemical agent & batteries from the item, seal chemical agent in cling film or a plastic bag and then store in a cool, dark place together with the batteries.
・Promptly remove used batteries from the item. Otherwise, they may leak.
●Disposal method: Dispose of used chemical agent as plastic waste. Dispose of batteries in a suitable manner.

Item No. D00004457

JAN: 4902424431889

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